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WokeWithin(Skin) was created May 2018 as a heartfelt, "passion project" that directly correlates with who I am - Raelle.  Eczema - who I've hidden and tried to run away from my entire life - has crept itself back into my adult living once again and this time, its worst attack yet! While suffering from a severe winter 2018 Topical Steroid Withdrawal (#tsw) I was reminded of the many times that I've suffered throughout my life severely coping with this skin disease. I was reminded of my strength and my faith.  I was reminded that all of the pain that I've suppressed and made a distant memory from severe eczema/asthma/allergies were core makings of who I really am as an individual. I decided that I never wanted to forget that low period and this current process of healing mentally and physically ever again. I decided I wanted to help others in my situation and concluded that the next journey of my life had to include revealing the very things that I have forever concealed. The only option to heal was to reveal.


This page is about skin/auto-immune warriors which is why my Instagram name includes "skin" in it (@wokewithinskin).  But this outlet is so much more than just the outward appearance, rather it shows the true need to be "woke" and #staywoke on how you are treating yourself internally so that you can always give your best-self, externally! The more that I learn about skin disorders, the more I realize that the outward flare is only half the story. My healing comes from WITHIN and I want to encourage you to do the same for any aspect of your life, whether you are an Eczema suffer or not. Skin may be the topic, but understanding and talking about the underlining reasons and need for positivity and optimism definitely relate to all of life in its entirety.




Check back here regularly to find out what's going on in the mind, body, and routines of a lifelong eczema sufferer/warrior. I hope that my Instagram sparks some hope in the meantime! 


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~Let's heal together~


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FDA Meeting in Washington D.C. Understanding The Lived Experiences of Eczema

Need To Know

I'm on an panel! Speaking to over 150 patients, industry change makers and researchers. Come Join the Live webinar and be a part of the historic day!

Live Webinar w/ NEA. "Eczema In Skin Of Color: What you need to know" . . .

Eczema is MORE prevalent in Skin Of Color! Did you know there's a Skin Of Color Center in NYC? Director and more, Dr. Andrew Alexis will share all you need to know as I host with National Eczema Assoc.(NEA)

Eczema MODEL? Teen Vogue & Forbes Featured Miga Swimwear


Eczema & Model were never... EVER words that I thought I'd happily say together. Thanks Miga Swimwear!

Eczema MODEL? - Teen Vogue featured       Tech-savvy Brand Miga Swimwear

Miga Swimwear is the first of its kind tech-savvy swimwear inspired by health conditions, yet made to be worn and designed for all. What a special brand and even more special time I had being a model representing eczema and skin conditions. See more of their designs and founder, Maria Luisa Mendiola passion behind it. 


Content Blog Writer: AtopicDermatitis.Net 

Right in the middle of the beginning stages of a worldwide pandemic that demanded quarantine and social distancing, the Atopic Dermatitis team reached out to me to become a part of their writing team from Eczema. Its parent company, Health Union located in my current city of Philadelphia, continues to be highlighted as one of the best places to work in the city. Stay tuned for articles by me on their website. 


With the recent civil distress that emerged during quarantine as I sat in my Philadelphia location that experienced a lot of the history and protest aftermath, I wrote the article: "The Black Eczema Experience: Vulnerability". See more here: "The most authentic voice that I can speak from is that of a black woman with eczema." ...

AtopicDermatitis.Net Interview

What an honor to be interviewed by highlighting internal healing support.  I was asked some of the best questions that were framed from the voice that I've created through my Instagram account, @wokewithinskin. See why I named it that and even some tips on how to care for loved ones with eczema in very practical ways. 

Eczema In Skin Of Color Webinar 

National Eczema Association

Did you know that eczema is more prevent in Skin Of Color? One may think (or at least I use to) particularly in the black community, that this is due to lack of nutrition and other aspects, but Dr. Andrew Alexis - Director of the Skin Of Color Center completely took that thought out of my mind. Research shows that we are more prone to developing eczema because of how our skin is pigmented. There has been particular research done comparing the social-economic differences versus prevalence and it makes no difference. No matter your status, eczema still plagues those with just a bit more melanin. Dr. Alexis will tell us why and so much more, including treatments and why doctors/caregivers need to study eczema in skin of color so it can be properly diagnosed and treated, ensuring that we aren't forced to suffer more because of lack of training to identify severity versus moderate in our skin tone. Stay tuned! Live webinar and it will also recorded for archives. REGISTER here for free!

Eczema in Skin of Color: What You Need to Know
Date: Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Time: 11:00 a.m. PDT/1:00 p.m. CDT/2:00 p.m. EDT

Atopic dermatitis can look different on a range of skin tones, and research shows certain ethnic groups are more at risk. Dr. Andrew Alexis talks about the diagnostic and treatment challenges in skin of color, and the best ways to get the care you need.


Andrew Alexis, MD
Chair of the Department of Dermatology, Mount Sinai
Director of the Skin of Color Center, Mount Sinai
New York, NY

Raelle Brown, eczema warrior and radio host

More Than Skin Deep!

September 23, 2019 I'll be speaking on a panel along with other eczema warriors from all over the country and beyond that will gather for a meeting of the minds to speak on our shared and unique experiences living with eczema so that developers and those in charge of prescribing our treatments can getting a better understanding of what we face and we can begin to have real backing behind the silent traumas and now very globally vocal fight that we face daily to #unhideeczema in order to get a fair chance in the proper development of the management of this disease. Sign up now to be tuned in live during the meeting and keep up with what's next! 


Exert from More Than Skin Deep Organization website: " Five organizations serving the eczema community have joined together to make sure FDA staff, drug and medical device developers, and other stakeholders hear directly from people living with eczema about the many burdens of the condition and the treatment outcomes that matter most to them."

YouTube VLOG! National Eczema Association #EczemaEXPO19 Scottsdale, Arizona!

See a piece of the Eczema Experience made possible by the National Eczema Association at their annual Eczema Exposition Conference. This year was held in Scottsdale, Arizona celebrating their 30th Anniversary! Inclusive of education and enlightenment, all who experienced the joy of this community would be in agreement with the coined statement of the fun-filled Family Reunion of Skin-Friends! See below a piece of what we were able to enjoy this year at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa.


I had involvement this year sharing in an interview video directed by Health Central answering questions about my eczema experience. One question in particular that stood out in my mind was, "If you could write a letter to your eczema what would you say, starting it out as, "Dear Eczema:.." That was a great unexpected question and all I remember is my response beginning with, "Dear Eczema - I hate you, but I love you." Everything after that is a blur, but I'm sure it connected to many of the mentally positive work that I've done and shared candidly online for Instagram @wokewithinskin. Those words are sincere and dear to my heart and thanks to the responses you share with me I recognize that it is helping many others when they read it. 


Additionally, I was a breakout session leader on the topic, "Career, Education & Eczema", along with Dr. Viviian Shi discussing the hardships and creating an open dialogue for solutions for eczema in the workplace and university environments in particular. Helping superiors to understand that living with a chronic ailment like eczema needs to be taken seriously although there are many times we may look like we are "just fine".  It is a first step that is hard to convince when even health professionals and beyond still think that skin diseases are only surface-level problems that just need cortisone creams to slap on top to maintain. Eczema has the ability to leave us crippled in movement due to the tightness of our skin and the heavy load and burden of having skin accumulating on your body feeling as though you carrying an extra 10 pound weight on your body; not to mention the mental strain it adds along with pain, soreness, and constant irritation. It is hard enough being sick, but having to PROVE to the world that you are sick makes it much more seemingly insurmountable. 


On the contrary of convincing professors or managers of your sick days, what about the jobs that many times will not even accept you to work for them because of it? Personally, as a marketing professional, it causes me to present myself publicly sometimes and a certain aesthetic is usually expected. When your eczema is not in a controlled state and the uncertainty of what you will wake up like in the morning particularly during face flares is a great burden and has caused me opportunities in my past because I use feel defeated in the moments because of the inability to show up as my best self physically. These days I don't let that get in my way, but it took many years for that type of strength and confidence!


Other attendees mentioned that certain hospital jobs (surgeon, etc.) will not let you work in that field because of the higher risk of infection on broken or very sensitive and thin skin. Serving in the military was even brought up as a profession that is prohibited due to eczema, but this is in a specific case. If you are using Dupixent to control your eczema, which is a drug that you have to give yourself injections will not allow you to serve because they believe that it could potentially be used as a carrier source for recreational drug abuse. That was surprising to hear! We had an eczema warrior share that he was denied the ability of service because of being on Dupixent. Eczema is truly "More Than Skin Deep"! More on that quote soon. I will be on a panel in Washington, D.C. speaking to the F.D.A. with the More than Skin Deep Orgazination and eczema warriors from around the country!


In the meantime enjoy this highlight reel of the experience my parents and I were able to enjoy in Scottsdale, Arizona this July 2019! LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, SHARE!


Speaking Event - Meatpacking District/Chelsea New York City 

Representatives from 5 countries globally of a Big-Pharmaceutical Company for Eczema Marketing Research

Impact of Eczema Video Project

October 2018 - Eczema Awareness Month!

Chicago Again! Patient Research Partner with National Eczema Association & IDEOM/AAD 

International Dermatology Outcome Measures/American Academy of Dermatology

Recap video while in Chicago for this meeting. Also here is a radio podcast that I am the co-host of on WWDB-860am that was broadcasted live while in Chicago on Real Time Living for Boomers & Millennials w/ Tom & Rae.

Chicago Vlog - Summer of #unhideeczema  NEA #EczemaEXPO19 - Chitown 

MY VERY FIRST ECZEMA EXPO!!!!!! What excitement and unexpected holistic understanding delivered and carefully crafted for the empowerment of us eczema warriors. I was in awe! And truly overwhelmed and found answers that I was searching for months clearly explained by top healthcare professionals. One being from South Africa, Dr. Aron studying Topical Steroid Withdrawal and Red Skin Syndrome healing many and also Dr. Peter Lio who is a lead doctor at the Chicago Eczema Center that heavily studies the effect of the "leaky -gut" craze and need for probiotics for skin health and more. I was amazed hearing this from accredited sources for the first time you can see my response in the Eczema Matters magazine below along with them using me in their front cover shot! Thanks, National Eczema Association, you changed my life the second you chose me to be on the Times Square billboard and did it even more meeting you all in person for the first time and beyond!

National Eczema Association - Times Square Billboard! #UnhideEczema

Recap video coming soon for how I prepared, packed, and my overall review of it all! I hope that it will make you feel as if you were there and can plan for the next Eczemaventure.

WE GOT THIS! #eczemawarriors #unhideeczema  


In the meantime, see my Times Square, NYC advertisement inclusion that I'm a part of with the National Eczema Assoc. #unhideeczema summer campaign!

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