RAE-ality Of Marketing

"...and the weather so breezy, man why can't life always be this easy?"

Welcome To My RAEality!

Behind The Project


The business behind music and entertainment is the first form of business intelligence that I received an insider's view at a very young and impressional age. Experiencing all of the planning and organization that was involved to ensure amazingly blissful experiences for an audience caused me to fall in love with, what I like to call: organized chaos. An oxymoron to say the least, I positively define this term as the creation of order, in chaotic or unorganized environments whether these are controllable variables or not. In short, it is simply making the impossible-possible.


To always keep things interesting, the concept of Marketing, and in particular, Branding a product/service/production is my show. Your company's brand or product is the entertainment for an audience or a wide range of customers. There is always a way for "the show to go on," simply because it MUST.


Here I will share more of those chaotic examples that too often get hidden from reality.  I will share my journey hoping that others will benefit from the process that I am creating as my own.  Welcome to my RAE-ality Of Marketing.

Not ready for more of my RAEality Of Marketing? Well, let's keep things light and see more into what sometimes feels like a fantasy instead!


Here are some iPhone footage and iMovie music edits that were captured this year as I physically explored the opposite end of my reality in Asia.

(Bali, Indonesia & Shanghai, China)


(Links provided for mobile view.)


Bali, Indonesia - https://vimeo.com/209699275

Shanghai, China - https://vimeo.com/214952908


Bali 2 - Mostly Monkeys (tanah lot, tegalalang rice terrace) from Rae Renae on Vimeo.

18hours in Shanghai. #FineChina from Rae Renae on Vimeo.

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