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Here you will find some highlights of client projects that have the ability to be showcased visually, who have benefited from Raelations.

With nothing but an idea, Raelations created an unforgettable musical experience in less than two weeks' time. This event was a success due to the relationships we've built to make this monetarily feasible for our client. Outside of typical Raelations fees, a scarce budget was expressed by the client to make this happen in two weeks for when the event would be held. Creating a promotional Listening Party at their downtown Philadelphia clothing boutique, which Raelations appropriately titled, "Sounds-N-Fashion."


Due to our great Raelationships, we were able to book live entertainment, proper sound equipment, DJ, videographer, and photographer in one week's time to put on a quality production all within the budget!  This event brought the entrepreneurial and creative community together in a unique way that increased awareness of the boutique and gave existing customers something to feel good about to keep them wanting to keep coming back and be a part of their brand.  See some results below!


We are not an event planning company, but we will do all we can to make your company be its best. Having an array of skills and experiences, there are few limits. Build a Raelationship with us and we'll not only represent your company to its greatest potential, but we'll also provide success by association. (Discover "Success By Association" here.)








Really Good Sounds And Really Good Sights Grant Philly A Really Great Vibe

Attendees on Thursday, May 26th at an Old City Clothing Boutique, with Marketing and Planning by Raelations, were hip, warm, and ready to receive the fine local singing gifts of rising stars Troi Lauren and Nabila. A special highlight came during Troi’s inspiring rendition of Jill Scott’s, "Is It The Way" when creative attendees, Nabila and members of her entourage joined in to provide heavenly spontaneous background support. A perfect match.

The beautiful ladies’ fashions on display in the boutique blended organically with the progressive live sounds, along with DJ Angel’s mix of uplifting local beats and attention grabbing unreleased Philly jams between performances. The crowd interacted exceptionally well, commenting enthusiastically among themselves on an incredible event while taking in the delicious complimentary drinks and snacks that looked almost too good to consume. 

The internationally known WeWork organization lent support by introducing to the crowd their shared office facilities in Northern Liberties for small or large businesses needing affordable space. A drawing was held that awarded one happy attendee with a totally free month of service. Were YOU there? If not, lookout for the next!


Full video recap available upon request!

Project: Call-to-action video production

With the growing popularity of video in all markets whether it is for business or personal use, it is a creative process that I fell in love with as I worked directly in this industry for 2 years. No technical skill of my own, my creative marketing and entrepreneurial skills greatly shined through as I organized this production from beginning to end. When first communicating with this potential client it was only natural for me to suggest a video for their marketing as I witnessed first had the general and analytical impact it brings for its target audiences. Overseeing the entire project for the production below with videographer and editing professional partners, the promotional mission of the 'I Choose To Win' video took approximately one month to complete. 


Tell us your need or problem and we'll make sure it gets done in the most creative and precise way. How it gets done may be independently by me or you'll see how the spark and true niche of the Raelations brand truly works, as a team effort that finds the best talent for you. Enjoy seeing this empowering promotional video for the impactful nonprofit organization, I Choose To Win.

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