RAE-lations offers top marketing support in building the best brand identity, creative content, social media platforms, and more!  


What is a RAE-lationship?

Everything in an enterprise that creates, enhances, delivers, or communicates products or services for customers is Marketing. RAElations can be your personal marketing guru, coach, or assistant, depending on the extent of your needs. Raelations will help your organization or personal brand to analyze current marketing angles already in place or create them in order to get you to your next level. We assist in developing and implementing fresh approaches specifically for accelerating your sales growth, and lastingly expanding your bottom line in today’s socially interactive and technology-intensive environments.


As an integrated marketing firm, Raelations defines and exploits the differences and similarities of the 5 elements under the umbrella of the sometimes broad or even abstract term of Marketing.


5 Elements of Marketing (in no particular order of delivery):

1) Advertising

2) Publicity

3) Promotion

4) Strategy and Implementation

5) Research 


Not a public relations firm, our approach will solidify and expand your company’s crucial relationship with your targeted consumers. Raelations is proud to be a full service marketing consulting firm that brands and enhances your business structure towards sustainable goals. Measurable results in the form of monetary profit, maximized customer awareness and intelligent business organization can all be yours when you enter into a Raelations relationship. Explore more to see how!

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